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Thoroughbred Improvement Program

Thoroughbred Improvement Program (TIP)

Latest News & Highlights

Visit the new TIP Website here: Ontario Racing TIP

2021 Criteria Book

2021 Final Report Purse Reallocation Program (Thoroughbred)

ORM worked with the Task Force to qualify horses that met the approved criteria and submitted them for review by OLG. Once approved, payment was issued to those who met the qualifications. In total, 1,471 TB horses have been paid out under the application program

April 2021 Thoroughbred Funding Recipients

Other news:

2020 Thoroughbred Funding Recipients
2021 Registered Ontario Thoroughbred Stallions
2021 Registered Ontario Stallion Farm List

2020 Top Stallions:

1st – Top Ontario 1st Crop Sire – RELOAD

1st - Top Ontario Sire – SILENT NAME (JPN)

2nd – Top Ontario Sire – OLD FORESTER

3rd – Top Ontario Sire – SOUPER SPEEDY

2020 (FINAL) Top 100 Breeders Awards Leaderboard

2020 Criteria Book

Ontario Racing announces $5.89 million Breeders Awards program

2020 Registered Ontario Thoroughbred Stallions

Mare Purchase Program Bonus and Incentives Announced

The Thoroughbred Improvement Program (TIP) is a component of the Ontario Horse Improvement Program which offers incentives for the breeding and ownership of Thoroughbred racehorses in Ontario through:

  • Breeders Awards
  • Ontario Bred Purse Bonuses
  • Ontario Restricted Stakes racing
  • Ontario Sires Stakes
  • Sales Stakes Program
  • Stallion Awards
The primary goal of the Thoroughbred Improvement Program is to increase the quality and value of Ontario Bred race horses. Breeders and owners of Registered Ontario Breds, Owners of Ontario Sires, and progeny owners of Ontario Sires, receive benefits from the Ontario Thoroughbred Improvement Program.


Ontario Racing announces new $2.375 millions Ontario-bred bonus program (highlights)


  • Enriched TIP will now offer the additional funds through a new rewards program in which a $2,500 bonus will be distributed to the winning owner and breeder of a registered Ontario-bred in an "overnight" race at Woodbine split evenly. At Fort Erie, $1,250 will be also split evenly between the winning owner and breeder of an overnight race.
  • When coupled with the existing TIP program, there is over $16 million available for Thoroughbred horsepeople through TIP in 2019, including $2 million from the original Enhanced TIP program earmarked for Thoroughbred breeders.
  • Another $125,000 from the enriched TIP program has been dedicated to equine research and long-term care.
  • The additional TIP funds are a contribution from the government and are not derived from wagering, as is the case with the Thoroughbred Improvement Program, which is expected to be valued over $12 million in 2019.
  • The TIP Program is retroactive to the commencement of Thoroughbred racing in April 2019.

Mare Purchase Program Bonus and Incentives Announced

2019-2020 Thoroughbred Improvement Program Proposed Budget

TIP Program Announcement

TIP: It Pays To Buy In Ontario

Program Criteria

Detailed information and the rules surrounding the various program components are provided in the Thoroughbred Improvement Program Criteria Book which is published annually. It is the responsibility of all participants to make themselves aware of the eligibility requirements and the various opportunities under the Program.

2020 Criteria Book

2021 and 2020 Forms

2021 Registered Ontario Stallion Farm List
2021 Registered Ontario Thoroughbred Stallions

2021 Ontario Resident Mare Declaration
2021 Mare Purchase Program Application 
2021 Stallion Registration
2021 Stallion Lease Declaration
2021 Application To Receive Stallion Awards
Cheque Authorization Notice
2020 Registered Ontario Stallion Farm List
2020 Registered Ontario Thoroughbred Stallions
2020 Authorized Agent Application
2020 Ontario Resident Mare Declaration

Registered Ontario-Bred Foals

2019 Ontario-bred Foals
2018 Ontario-bred Foals
2017 Ontario-bred Foals
2016 Ontario-bred Foals
2015 Ontario-bred Foals
2014 Ontario-bred Foals
2013 Ontario-bred Foals
2012 Ontario-bred Foals
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Program Components

TIP offers incentives and rewards to breeders, owners and lessees of both Ontario Bred and Ontario Sired horses by way of purse bonuses, Breeders' awards, purse supplements and stallion awards, as well as a restricted overnight racing and sales stakes program.

Enhanced Breeders Awards

In 2014, an additional $4,000,000 enhancement was made to the current breeders’ awards program and an additional $2,000,000 was made each year from 2015 to 2018.

2020 Breeders Awards Distribution

In order to receive 2020 Breeders Awards, the horse must be a Registered Ontario-Bred. Cap of $200,000 to each individual or partnership - (Cap does not include awards from the 1st place bonuses of the Canadian Triple Crown, Triple Tiara, Princess Elizabeth & Coronation Futurity) Horses aged 7 and up are ineligble for Breeders awards unless running at Allowance and/or Stake level races. OS Reward of Excellence Program - $200,000 awarded to the top Ontario Sired 2/F, 2/C, 3/F & 3/C based upon total earnings world wide. 1st Place - $25,000 2nd Place - $15,000 3rd Place - $10,000

2020 (FINAL) Top 100 Breeders Awards Leaderboard

2020 Breeders Awards​



All participants wishing to enroll mares or stallions in the Thoroughbred Improvement Program must hold a current Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) license. Contact the AGCO at 416-326-8700 or 1-800-522-2876, by email at or online at