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Ontario Resident Mare Program

Ontario Resident Mare Program (ORMP)

The Ontario Resident Mare Program (ORMP) is part of Ontario Racing's Standardbred Improvement Program.

Full details on the ORMP are available in the SIP criteria book.

Click here to download all ORMP Forms

Ontario Bred Rewards and Benefits

Foals from mares meeting the requirements of the Ontario Resident Mare Program are registered as Ontario Bred and will then be eligible for Ontario Bred Rewards.

Ontario Bred Rewards are paid to owners(s)/lessee(s) of Ontario Bred Mares at time of enrolment.

Foals racing in the Ontario Sires Stakes, and Finals of select Open Stakes Races in Ontario earn Ontario Bred Rewards.

In 2024, approximately $2.5 Million will be available for Ontario Bred Rewards, broken down as follows:
  • $2 Million based on earnings in Ontario Sires Stakes
  • $130,000 based on earnings in selected Open Stakes
  • $400,000 for Divisional Leaders based on Ontario Sires Stakes earnings.
Ontario Bred Rewards may be transferred to the new owner of a mare under certain circumstances. Please contact Ontario Racing – ORMP Coordinator for more information.

Click here to access Ontario Bred Rewards Transfer Forms.

Broodmare and Owner Eligibility

Mare Owners (or Lessees) must enrol their mare(s) as an ONTARIO RESIDENT MARE for each foal year, for their foals to be recognized as ONTARIO BRED.

To enrol a mare, the mare must be in Ontario, and mare owners (or lessees) and their agents must:
  • Hold a current AGCO license
  • Complete and submit the 2024 Standardbred Mare Enrolment Form with all required payments
To be eligible as an ONTARIO RESIDENT MARE, a broodmare must be:
  • Located within the boundaries of the Province of Ontario at the time of enrolment, AND
  • Must remain resident in the Province of Ontario for a minimum of 180 consecutive days surrounding foaling (in Ontario).
Documentation confirming arrival dates within Ontario may be required. This may include, but is not limited to, Veterinary Health Certificate for Export of Horses, horse transportation contracts, Health Inspection Certificates at port of entry and horse transportation invoices.

Permission may be granted for mares required to leave Ontario for breeding or health reasons.  Contact Ontario Racing, ORMP Coordinator for details.

Enrollment Fees and Deadlines

The fee to enrol a broodmare is $100 before the mare foals or $300 after she foals but before September 1st of the foaling year. 

IMPORTANT: Third party proof of residency must be submitted if the mare is enroled after foaling.

The broodmare must be resident in Ontario at the time of enrolment.

If mailed, the day the Standardbred Mare Enrolment Form and payment are postmarked is considered to be “Day One” of the required 180-day residency requirement period.

If sent electronically, the day that both the Mare Enrolment Form and payment are received is considered “Day One” of the residency period.

The Program Administrator may request transportation documents and/or copies of records for the mare such as invoices for veterinarian services, farrier (blacksmith) services, or boarding services during the declared residency period, to verify the mare’s residency period.

The deadline for enrolment is September 1 of the foaling year.  Enrolments will not be accepted after September 1.

How to Enroll a Broodmare

Enrolment of a broodmare as an ONTARIO RESIDENT MARE for the 2024 foal year requires completion of the 2024 Standardbred Mare Enrolment Form. 

Click here to download the 2024 Standardbred Mare Enrollment Form

Mares Enrolled in the ORMP as of April 1, 2024 – 2024 Foaling Year

For questions about the Ontario Resident Mare Program contact

Ontario Resident Mare Program Coordinator
Kathie Wilkinson
Phone: 416-576-6298
Fax: 416 477 5499