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Thoroughbred Racetrack Purse Breakdown

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Thoroughbred Racetrack Purse Statements

Purse budgets are set for a 12-month period starting April 1 through March 31 of the following year to align with the Funding Agreement for Live Horse Racing, which renews annually on April 1. 

The table below details the gross purse available at each racetrack for the current fiscal year (FY) and is updated regularly with the purses distributed to date and the amount remaining in each racetrack’s purse budget.

Purses are funded through elements of the Funding Agreement, including the Base Purse Payment, Ontario Racing Purse Enhancements and Transition Payments, all allocated by type of racetrack ( Signature or Premier) and number of race dates.

Also included are carryover funds from the previous fiscal year, which includes purses from cancelled race cards. For the current fiscal year, the carryover funds for some racetracks also include purses from race dates lost due to COVID-19 closures and unused relief funds.

For more information about the Funding Agreement click here.

Racetrack Base Purse Payment Purse Enhancement FY2021-22 Carryover Racetrack Top-Up HIP Funds Paid to Date FY2022-23 Balance Remaining
Fort Erie Race Track (S) $3,500,000 $293,610 $387,476 $800,000 $1,074,073 $5,566,488 $488,671
Woodbine Racetrack (P) $27,293,800   $2,292,000 $34,706,200 $9,124,209 $73,259,394 $156,815
TOTAL $30,793,800 $293,610 $2,679,476 $35,506,200 $10,198,282 $78,825,882 $645,486
S = Signature Racetrack; P = Premier Racetrack          

Paid to Date = unaudited purse payments from April 1 to December 31, 2022.