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Responsible Gambling

Responsible Gambling

Ontario Racing - Commitment Policy

Ontario Racing is committed to reducing the occurrence of problem gambling and providing support, through information and resources, for those who experience gambling-related concerns. Ontario Racing's commitment to Responsible Gambling is an essential component of our core values and guiding principles. 

Ontario Racing - Responsible Gambling Policy

Ontario Racing (OR) is working with provincial racetracks and industry partners to educate and create awareness around Responsible Gambling. As the voice of the Ontario horse racing industry and leader in best practices in horse racing related policies, OR is deeply committed to providing its customers with positive experiences and administering assistance where needed to those who may experience problem gambling behaviours.

OR has developed this policy to provide information relating to responsible gambling and how we are connecting with our industry partners to provide that information to the public. Part of that process is understanding wagering and how those who participate at our member racetracks can keep their wagering habits safe while enjoying the thrill of horse racing.

Understanding Your Wagers
People who gamble may bet on horse racing, go to casinos, buy lottery tickets, try their luck at bingo, or bet on sports and other events. While most gambling doesn’t hurt anyone, sometimes it does. Consequences can include losing money, adding to debt and ruining relationships with friends and family. Woodbine Entertainment Group’s Know When to Take the Reins initiative suggests some ways to avoid losing control.

Know When to Take the Reins
For many people betting on horseracing is exciting and entertaining. They make careful decisions about spending time and money and Know When to Take the Reins.
The following are some ways people can keep their betting safe:
  • only gamble with money set aside for entertainment, never with money for everyday expenses
  • decide on a loss limit ahead of time and stick to it 
  • never borrow money to gamble
  • set a time limit
  • take breaks
  • balance gambling with other activities
  • don’t gamble when highly stressed, troubled, or depressed
Are You at Risk?
These are some signs of problem gambling behaviours: 
  • “chasing losses” and making larger bets 
  • borrowing money to gamble 
  • increasing debt because of gambling
  • engaging in fraud or theft to finance gambling
  • lying to cover up gambling
  • neglecting work, family or friends
  • gambling to escape from obligations
  • increased frequency of gambling
  • preoccupation with gambling
Responsible Gambling initiatives that OR is deeply committed to include:
Responsible Gambling Training
Training modules developed with OLG to enhance knowledge, awareness, attitudes and skills of staff at member racetracks to ensure appropriate responses given to guests who may be experiencing problems.

Responsible Gambling Literature 
Easily accessible Responsible Gambling literature and brochures available at kiosks at all member racetracks in the province and promotion of responsible gambling policies, practices and procedures within the industry.

Responsible Marketing 
Working with our marketing partners, WEG and OLG, OR is committed to high ethical marketing standards that do not target minors in any way possible or portray extravagant or misleading wins.

No Minors 
No minors are allowed to wager at any member racetrack. The 18+ rule is strictly enforced.

How to Get Help
If you are concerned about your own gambling, or if you are worried about someone you care about, you can get help by calling:

Confidential, anonymous, free and open 24 hours