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Betting Basics

Betting Basics

Need a little help understanding how to place a wager when visiting a track or off-track betting location? Check out our betting guides below!

How to wager

Place your bet by visiting a teller, or using a self-serve terminal.  

To place a bet here are just 5 things you need to know:

  1. Name of racetrack (choose from any track in the simulcast feeds)
  2. Number of the race
  3. Amount of your bet (e.g. $2)
  4. Type of bet (see step 2)
  5. Horse’s number (see step 4)

Once you have decided what you want to bet, head to the nearest seller’s window and use the sample statement as your guide: Hello, (Racetrack), race 6, $2 to WIN on Horse #4  

How to use a self-serve terminal:

  1. Swipe your Cash Card/Insert Cash
  2. Enter the initial PIN #1234 (then choose a new PIN)
  3. Press/Tap the track you would like to bet: (defaults to current race)
  4. Tap the Horse Number: #4
  5. Press/Tap the Bet Type: WIN
  6. Press/Tap the Bet Amount: $2
  7. Press/Tap the Race Number: Race #6
  8. Press Green “Make BET” button
  9. Press/Tap the “Finish with Receipt” button
  10. Be sure to check your ticket to confirm it’s the bet you wanted To get a Cash Card or for assistance ask a teller, or a staff member.  

Helpful facts for betting on horse racing

• Some racetracks have a television simulcast commentator who tries to identify winning horses (handicaps) between the races. Listen and see if you can pick up any good tips to bet on.

Helpful facts for betting on

Stats you can count on:

WIN BETS on the FAVOURITE pay 32% of the time
PLACE BETS on the FAVOURITE pay 53% of the time  
SHOW BETS on the FAVOURITE pay 67% of the time
* Numbers listed above are approximate, may vary by racetrack