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Ontario Sires Stakes

Standardbred Racing

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Ontario leads the Standardbred industry in Canada with more horses, products and opportunities to race anywhere else in the country. Home to 12 Standardbred racetracks, Ontario offers world-class racing that employs the equivalent of 30,000 full time jobs, generating over $1.2 billion in economic activity making it the third largest agricultural industry in Ontario.

Regulated by the AGCO to ensure a safe, professional and fair sport that offers attractive opportunities for individuals to be involved in the sport through ownership. Horses are owned, bred, trained and raced for pleasure and profit by individuals from all walks of life and by corporations, syndicates, breeding farms and partnerships.

Classes of racing are arranged on the basis of age for many stakes and futurities, and also by sex, by money earnings, or by claiming price (when the owner in effect puts a price tag on his horse).

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Standardbred Racetracks in Ontario:
Clinton Raceway  
Live racing from May to September
Big race: The Kin Pace

Dresden Raceway
Live racing from May to August
Big race: Mark Austin Memorial Pacing Series

Flamboro Downs
Live racing from September to May
Big race: Confederation Cup

Georgian Downs
Live racing from June to August
Big race: Honourable Earl Rowe Trot

Grand River Raceway
Live racing from June to September
Big race: Industry Day featuring Battle of Waterloo and Battle of the Belles

Hanover Raceway
Live racing from June to September
Big race: Dream of Glory and Balanced Image

Hiawatha Horse Park
Live racing from May to September

Kawartha Downs
Live racing from May to September

Leamington Raceway
Live racing from August to October

Rideau Carleton Raceway
Live racing from February to December
Big race: Des Smith Classic

Western Fair Raceway
Live racing from October to May
Big race: Camluck Classic

Woodbine Mohawk Park
Live racing year-round
Big race: Pepsi North America Cup, Mohawk Million

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2021 Final Report Purse Reallocation Program (Standardbred)

ORM worked with the Task Force to qualify horses that met the approved criteria and submitted them for review by OLG. Once approved, payment was issued to those who met the qualifications. In total, 2,773 SB horses have been paid out under the application program

2021 Standardbred Relief Payment Recipients (May) 

2021 Standardbred Relief Payment Recipients (April)

2021 Standardbred Relief Payment Recipients (January)


2020 Standardbred Funding Recipients

Application For Payments To Horse Owners


Ontario Sires Stakes Overview

The Ontario Sires Stakes (OSS) Program was established over 40 years ago, in 1974 to promote the breeding of Standardbred horses in Ontario. This program provides economic incentives for breeders, owners and trainers to breed, buy and race horses in Ontario. Horses eligible for this program are the best racing horses that Ontario has to offer! You can see these horses race throughout the tracks in Ontario within their respective division. The OSS is part of the Standardbred (SIP) component of Ontario’s Horse Improvement Program (HIP), established in 1968.

Below you will find the complete schedule of races along with the benefits, eligibility criteria and registration forms to the Ontario Sires Stakes Program.


OSS Statistics

OSS 2019 Leading Stallions (Pacers and Trotters)

OSS 2019 Leading Money Earners

OSS 2019 Leading Sires (All Divisions)

OSS 2019 Gold Series Leaders

OSS 2019 Grassroots Leaders


Latest News & Info

2021 Standardbred Stallion Registration Form

Deadline for Stallion Registration
The deadline for applying to register a stallion without a penalty is January 15th of the breeding year. Applications to register a stallion received by the Program after January 15th of the breeding year will be subject to payment of a Late Registration Fee (see below). A stallion is ineligible for registration as a 2021 ONTARIO SIRE if it breeds or has bred any mares during the 2021 calendar year prior to the approval of the application.

How to Register a Stallion

Registration of a Stallion as an ONTARIO SIRE for the current breeding season requires completion of the Standardbred Stallion Registration Form. Completed forms, with payment of all required fees, must be submitted by the required deadline to:
Ontario Racing
Standardbred Improvement Program
c/o Woodbine Mohawk Park
PO Box 160
Campbellville, ON L0P 1B0

Any applications received by mail that have no postmark or have an unreadable postmark on the envelope, will only be accepted up to January 18, 2021. After that date the Late Registration fee of $500 will apply. To avoid being penalized for the failure of Canada Post to properly postmark the envelope carrying the application, it is strongly recommended that these materials be sent by registered mail.

Failure to submit the appropriate registration fee and levy along with the application will result in the foals born to that stallion in 2022 being ineligible to race in Ontario Sired races. A list of registered ONTARIO SIRES will be published as soon as possible after January 15, 2021. It may not be possible to include all stallions registered pursuant to the late registration provisions on the published list. Copies of the 2021 Standardbred Stallion Registration Form are included with this document.


Ontario Sires Stakes Schedules

Come out and witness the excitement of Ontario’s finest horses which are among the best in the world. The OSS program consistently produces world class racehorses, and the program is renowned across North America. Watch these horses compete for the honour of becoming Sires Stakes Champions.

The highly regarded and lucrative Ontario Sires Stakes (OSS) program will once again showcase some of the province’s very best pacers and trotters, as they compete in numerous Gold and Grassroots Series events at racetracks across Ontario in 2021.

Check in with and for race dates, updates, news and results, and to learn more about the leading sires stakes program in North America.


Information & Highlights

What is... Ontario Sired?

Definition: A horse that is the offspring of a recognized ONTARIO SIRE shall be eligible to be registered as ONTARIO SIRED and thereby eligible to be nominated to the ONTARIO SIRES STAKES. A horse does not need to be foaled in Ontario to be registered as ONTARIO SIRED. A horse can be both ONTARIO SIRED and ONTARIO BRED and be eligible for incentives attached to each status.

Ontario Sired Benefits

The Ontario Sires Stakes Program is a series of races for 2- and 3-year-old horses sired by eligible ONTARIO SIRES and nominated and sustained to the Ontario Sires Stakes Program. Benefits include:

Benefits for Breeders 

  • Ontario Bred Rewards
    Ontario Bred Rewards are paid to the owners/lessees that enrolled the mare in the Ontario Resident Mare Program for that foaling year. Ontario Bred Rewards on OSS earnings are capped at $1M. Ontario Bred Rewards for selected Open Stakes are capped at $130K with an individual cap of 20% of Open Stakes earnings per horse. These Rewards will be paid on a pro-rata basis in January of the following year.
  • Enhanced Breeders’ Rewards 
    Under the Breeders’ Enhancement Program, administered by the Standardbred Breeders of Ontario Association (SBOA), breeders will receive approximately $3M per year from 2015 to 2018 in various breeders’ incentives. Foals must be both ONTARIO SIRED and ONTARIO BRED to benefit from this program. Additional information can be found at or by calling 519 833-2861. 

Benefits for Owners

  • OSS Purses

Eligibility for the Ontario Sires Stakes Program

To be eligible to the OSS, foals must be sired by a stallion standing in Ontario and registered with the OSS Program for the breeding year. A nomination payment is due in the horse’s yearling year. To maintain its eligibility, sustaining payments are due in the two- and three-year-old seasons if the horse is expected to race in the OSS.


  • Stallion Owners (or Stallion Lessees) must hold a current, valid AGCO licence, register the stallion with the Program as an ONTARIO SIRE for each breeding season in which he is eligible, and pay all fees required to register. The deadline for applying to register a stallion without a penalty is January 15th of the breeding year. A stallion must be owned or leased by an Ontario resident to be registered with the Program.
  • Owners of Ontario Sires Stakes Eligible Horses must nominate and sustain the eligible yearlings, two-year-olds or three-year-olds with the Program, and meet all eligibility requirements.

Current Program Criteria may be viewed and downloaded here

Complete Program information, including deadlines, season standings, race results, leaderboards and notices may be found at

Forms Registration

2021 Standardbred Stallion Registration Form
2020 Standardbred Stallion Registration Form
2020 Standardbred Stallion Conditions

Ontario Sires Stakes Program forms should be submitted with all required payments to:

Ontario Sires Stakes
Ontario Racing
c/o Woodbine Mohawk Park
PO Box 160
Campbellville ON L0P 1B0

Website: Ontario Sires Stakes


For complete information, please refer to the Standardbred Improvement Program Criteria Book or,

Contact: OSS Administration Coordinator |

The Ontario Resident Mare Program & Ontario Sire Stakes Program are administered by Ontario Racing