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Long-term Funding

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Long-term Funding

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*Please note, ‘Horse Racing Ontario’, which will carry on its operations as ‘Ontario Racing’, will be the legal name for the new Ontario Racing until such time as the name can be changed to ‘Ontario Racing’.

Ontario government announces long-term funding agreement for the horse racing industry

The Ontario government has announced a long-term funding agreement for the horse racing industry that will provide up to $105 million a year, for 19 years, beginning in 2019. This agreement is aimed at strengthening and sustaining horse racing and breeding in Ontario. It will provide nearly two decades of stable funding to increase the vitality of the industry in the province.

The long-term funding agreement is the result of years of collaboration between our industry, OLG and the Ontario government. It incorporates feedback from the industry provided through consultations, letters and meetings with government partners. The result is a long-term plan that will benefit all racetracks, breeds and horsepeople in Ontario.

A renewed Ontario Racing, that is expanding to represent the interests of the whole industry, will oversee the allocation of the long-term funding. More information about the funding agreement will be shared through upcoming webinars and meetings; check back here regularly for details of when you can get involved.

“Today, our government is committing to a landmark agreement that will support the long-term sustainability of horse racing in Ontario. This funding will encourage economic development in rural communities across the province, while giving race tracks and breeders an opportunity to build a strong future for an industry that is central to our heritage.”
Charles Sousa, Minister of Finance

“Our government recognizes that the horse racing industry is vital to communities across Ontario. That’s why our government remains committed to ensuring long-term sustainability of the horse racing industry and the rural communities that depend on it. This new, collaborative agreement will provide owners, breeders and racetrack operators with the support they need to ensure stability and success for the long term.”
Jeff Leal, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

“This agreement is a significant step toward ensuring the vitality of horse racing in Ontario. It is designed to benefit the entire industry and is the result of years of collaboration with the sector and the Ontario government. OLG will contribute nearly two decades of stable funding to promote sustainability and industry-led success.”
Stephen Rigby, President and CEO, Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation

“The government’s long-term funding commitment of over 19 years is unprecedented in the racing industry. It provides much needed job security for the people who work in the industry, and it will contribute greatly to restoring racing confidence and its ability to sustain itself for years to come. On a personal note, I am extremely grateful for the work of this government and OLG management in their efforts to facilitate this funding model.”
Hugh Mitchell, Chief Executive Officer, Western Fair District

“We are very happy with the announcement of long term funding for the horseracing sector. This commitment will provide the security that the Quarter Horse industry and the people that work in it need to continue our work and plan for the long term sustainability of the sector.”
Bob Broadstock, President, Quarter Racing Owners of Ontario Inc.

“The breeders are really excited and look forward to reading the details of the long term funding agreement. Long term funding will provide greater stability and transparency in the industry, and support economic development in rural communities.”
Peter Berringer, President & National Director, Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society, Ontario Division


Long-term funding consultations and final report

After extensive industry consultations, Ontario Racing is pleased to release the final Long-Term Funding Consultation Report. This report reflects the perspectives heard from industry stakeholders regarding a proposed long term funding framework for a sustainable future for horseracing in Ontario. This report also includes Ontario Racing’s recommendations for how the proposed funding framework can be modified and augmented, based on feedback from industry participants.

Ontario Racing conducted consultations over a period of five months, and provided opportunities for interested parties to offer their thoughts through a variety of channels and at several different points throughout the process. A draft version of this report was also released, to ensure that industry participants had ample opportunity to participate in the consultation process.

Recommendations made by Ontario Racing reflect and evolved from key issues raised by consultation participants. These recommendations will be used to inform negotiations for a final long term funding agreement.

Ontario Racing thanks those who have participated in these consultations, and appreciates the support of the provincial government and OLG as we work to deliver a sustainable path forward for the industry.

Key facts:
  • Over 800 horseracing industry participants engaged in Ontario Racing’s consultations including all major horse person organizations and racetracks.
  • Ontario Racing offered opportunities to engage in seven in-person sessions, conducted across the province, facilitated two webinars, two leadership sessions and provided on-going opportunities for written and online feedback.
  • A long-term funding agreement will provide the horseracing industry in Ontario with the certainty they need to invest in their businesses.


Industry Fact Sheet: Long-Term Funding 2017

A quick reference on Slot Lease Revenue, the Horse Racing Partnership Program, and Future Long-Term Funding plans.

Industry Performance Results

Key Performance Results

OLG’s horse racing division is contributing to the efficient and effective management of funding through performance measurements.

To support this objective, OLG established a working group in early 2016 called the Performance Management Excellence Group (PMEG) that includes representation from:
* the Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation;
* the Ministry of Finance;
* the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs;
* Ontario Racing; and
* the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.

The PMEG is proud to release quarterly fiscal industry performance results using well-established key performance indicators. This effort is part of a broader integrated performance management system that provides up-to-date facts and information related to the horse racing sector in Ontario.

Budget and Actual Purse Funds FY2021

Detailed Performance Results:

Ontario Horse Racing Industry Performance Results

Purse Reports:

Sources of Purses Funding By Racetrack (For Period 4 Fiscal Year 2021)

Sources of Purses Funding By Racetrack (For Period 10 Fiscal Year 2020)