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Horse Improvement Program

Ontario’s Horse Improvement Program (HIP) is one of North America's most successful industry programs, setting the standard for excellence year after year.

The program was established in 1974 as a racing and breeding incentive program and continues to this day to produce world-quality horses than can compete on the international stage.


HIP is administered by Ontario Racing and is funded through a percentage levy on wagering and financial contributions from the Alliance of Standardbred Tracks.  Additional enhancements to the Program’s Breeders Awards are provided through the government's’ five-year Horse Racing Partnership Funding Program.

The Horse Improvement Program is comprised of three breed-specific components, which develop program elements specific to their breeding and racing sectors:

  1. Standardbred Improvement Program (SIP)
  2. Thoroughbred Improvement Program (TIP)
  3. Quarter Horse Racing Industry Development Program (QHRIDP)


HIP’s mandate is to reward excellence.  Each breed group has an Industry Advisory Group that is instrumental in developing programs that support a strong and sustainable live racing product in Ontario with quality horses and competitive fields.  These conditions attract enhanced wagering and thereby support the Ontario breeding sector over the long term by creating incentives for the breeding and purchase of Ontario offspring.