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TIP Program Announcement

With rumours swirling in the province’s Thoroughbred racing and breeding community regarding the recently announced change in administration of the Thoroughbred HIP program (TIP), Ontario Racing (OR) would like to alleviate some of the concerns that are being voiced by the industry participants. In particular, Ontario Racing would like to clarify some points as outlined below:

* The HIP program was created by government to support the Ontario horse racing industry and its administration is under the purview of its industry association. Ontario Racing has always been responsible for the administration of the Horse Improvement Program (HIP), including TIP, on behalf of the government in support of the province’s horse racing industry. 

* Ontario Racing currently administers the Standardbred and Quarter Horse HIP programs, but had contracted out administration of the TIP program to the Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society (CTHS). 

* Ontario Racing offers a high level of transparency, arising in part out of its stringent reporting obligations to government and other industry stakeholders related to the administration of the Funding Agreement.  

* Ontario Racing will commence administration of TIP as of February 1, 2019. Ontario Racing will administer the program in the best interests of the entire Thoroughbred racing and breeding industry.  

* If any future changes to the program are contemplated, such changes will be discussed at the TIP Committee, on which the CTHS has significant input, and then approved by the OR Board.  The full HIP program, including TIP, as directed by Ontario Racing, is led by John Hayes, the organization’s Independent Chair. 

* The CTHS has participated fully in the TIP committee meetings and is aware of the direction of the province’s Thoroughbred breeding program.  At no time has there been any suggestion of a cessation of the program. 

* CTHS was allotted a seat on the Board of Ontario Racing.  Ontario Racing continues to hold that seat open for the CTHS and welcomes this association to join the Board along with its peers. 

* It’s uncertain why the CTHS hasn’t joined Ontario Racing with its contemporaries, who hold a shared interest in their desire to offer its many stakeholders, including the racing public and government, a single voice. 

* The OR Board represents 95% of the horsepeople in the province, including the Thoroughbred owners and trainers as well as Standardbred and Quarter Horse owners and breeders, and other significant members of the Ontario’s horse racing industry.  As noted above, Ontario Racing would welcome the addition of a Thoroughbred breeders’ representative onto the Board. 

* Ontario Racing directs several other meaningful industry initiatives via its Board level committees, including matters involving Equine Welfare, Stakeholder and Government Relations, and others. 

* Ontario Racing has substantial expertise in overseeing the administration of HIP programs. “Ontario Racing has administered the HIP programs for the Standardbred and Quarter Horse breeds of our industry with great success,” according to the President of Quarter Racing Owners of Ontario Inc. 

* The OR management team will offer innovative financial and technological solutions to the TIP program that will be cost effective and will balance and further the interests of the Ontario’s entire Thoroughbred horse racing business. 

* The OR management team will offer innovative financial and technological solutions to the TIP program that will be cost effective and in conjunction with input from Thoroughbred stakeholders will balance and further the interests of Ontario’s entire Thoroughbred horse racing business.

Yours Sincerely,

John Hayes, Chairman of the Board, Ontario Racing

Katherine Curry, Executive Director, Ontario Racing

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