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Danielle Dibert

Danielle Dibert

January 1, 2019
Danielle Dibert
From Florida to Canada and many places between, Danielle Dibert and her pal Cody have done, and seen, a lot in the last 26 years. Whether it’s been show rings, racetracks, parades or barrels, the pair have shared many experiences.

Dibert, thoroughbred and Quarter Horse jockey, saw Cody (registered name Mr. Go Cody Go) in a mixed horses auction in Florida when the horses was just 2-years-old. He had been bought back from his seller for $2,500 but Dibert wanted him and threw in another $200 to buy the gelding.

From there, Dibert and Cody went to  halter show classes, pleasure classes and raced barrels.

“We actually won quite a bit of money doing barrel racing,” said Dibert. “He loves to try for you and he always gives it everything he’s got.”

At the racetracks of North America, such as Saratoga and Santa Anita. Cody excelled as a stable pony, keeping flighty racehorses calm. He even trained runners to stand and break sharply from the gate. He was once a stable pony for Hall of Fame trainer Leroy Jolley.

These days, Cody, at the age of 28, is still involved in many different activities in addition to broodmare watcher.
“We just won a cheque in his first Cowboy Obstacle Challenge,” said Dibert. “It is a fun little event at K-Lar Farms at Coppins Corners.”

Cody is also the perfect pal for young riders who are learning. Earlier in July, Cody won first prize in an egg-and-spoon contest with young Layla Keeble, daughter of Full Circle racing’s Stephanie Keeble, on his back.

“He’s getting older so we have slowed things down a bit,” laughed Dibert. “I have dragged him around all over god’s green earth, we’ve been everywhere, done everything. He’s definitely the horse that changed my life.”

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