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Amanda McCormack

Amanda McCormack

January 1, 2019
Amanda McCormack
(PHOTO -   ITSALLABOUTRAMBLIN being led over to race by Amanda McCormack - Laurie Overton photo)

Amanda McCormack remembers being told by veterinarians five years ago that her pregnant mare Ramblin Strawfly would not be able to carry her foal to term.

"She was 4 1/2 months in foal and she ended up getting Potomac horse fever," said McCormack, who has been in Quarter Horse racing for eight years. "We rushed her down to Guelph University and she spent three days there before they got her feeling better. All her vets said she would likely abort at seven months."

Instead, Ramblin Strawfly bucked the odds and produced a large, bay-coloured boy on April 12, 2012 on McCormack's family-farm, Valmor in Cavan, ON.

McCormack, who has worked as a groom, pony rider, assistant trainer and now trains her own horses, says that resulting foal, Itsallaboutramblin, or Torque as he is affectionately known, is the horse who changed her life.

"He has taught me the most and really is the biggest pain in the butt to deal with. But I love him. We call him Torque, or his nickname is Moose, because he is just over 16.2 hh and just a plain dark bay. He has won two races for me and just tries his hardest every race."

Itsallaboutramblin was the first winner for McCormack when he roared to victory in a maiden race on Sept. 21, 2015 under jockey Brian Bell. The gelding won again on Oct. 26 of that season. In 2016, Itsallaboutramblin placed three times in his seven races.

The Ontario-bred son of All About Speed  lives at Valmor Farm with several other racing Quarter Horses who are being pointed to racing in 2017 as well as a variety of other animals.

McCormack, her family and husband Josh Humber raise Russian Wild Boars, have a Jersey cow they milk and rabbits. As a part time job, McCormack also drives a school bus.

"It's nothing to see my horses on the walking machine getting visits from piglets who want to play," said McCormack.

And with Torque showing the way into the new year, McCormack hanks her lucky bay gelding for advancing her Quarter Horse career at Ajax Downs.

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