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Garnet Barnsdale’s Hanover Selections: Saturday, August 31, 2019

Best Bet – (1) BUCKEROO – Race 10
Spot Play – (3) BLACKCREEK ROSEBUD – Race 1

Race 1 – (3) BLACKCREEK ROSEBUD finds a field she should beat here, and Holliday will likely send her down the road at a short price. (5) EATAAMSMAGICMEME comes off a good effort and he has some of the best form in the race; using. (4) DANCE OFF exits some quick races and she should fare better here; consider for the exotics.
Race 2 – (6) BUCKSHOT AUSTIN looks best at this level and he likely completes the Holliday double on a holiday weekend. (8) TRIDENT SEELSTER comes out of some fast races at Georgian and he could wake up in this spot. There was a time when veteran (1) CAMYTHICAL would throttle these, but he has only had one race in the past three years, and he debuts as a 14-year-old here. I’ll use him on the bottom of Tris leaving from the best post here.
Race 3 – The last time teamster Sorrie drove (2) MACHCELLERATOR here from an inside post, they jogged. This isn’t a tough field and history should repeat. (6) YOUVE GOT BANKERS should be part of the early pace here and he can stick around for a share. (4) JOEYS KID had a rough trip last time. If he can get a slightly better journey, he should hit the ticket.
Race 4 – (8) GODY DORLEANS is getting closer and he gets to follow a live horse out at the start; top call. (1) EATAAMSACTIVEPANIC can’t be ignored looking at her big win here two starts back. She’s the one to catch. (2) BETTE MITTLER should get a good following trip and she can take a small share here.
Race 5 – (3) POETIC DREAM and (1) MYSTERY MIDNIGHT both come out of races where they got hung out and stayed game. I’ll side with the former who comes out of a faster race and should be able to clear to the front at the start. (2) EATAAMPULTHECHUTE is worth a look for the Tri off her 28 2/5 kicker at Clinton.
Race 6 – (3) BANDICOOT was beaten by a horse that came back to win easily at Grand River last night. He should be tough in here. (1) ACEFOURTYFOURXMAN should be more of a factor here leaving from the best post; using underneath. (8) ATEYATEFNGERSLOUIE is an obvious contender in here but I’m not sure a second-tier post is best for him. I’ll use him on the bottom of Tris.
Race 7 – (2) SUNNY BO comes out of the toughest race and he didn’t fare poorly there. He gets top call here. (5) AMAZON DRAGON is in top form and he may be the one to catch again. (4)  EATAAMS PRINCESS rarely misses the board and she’s a good one to use on the bottom of Tris here.
Race 8 – (2) ALPHABET QUEEN gets the top driver and an inside post here which should be the recipe for success; top call. (4) REEL should go much better leaving from an improved post tonight; using. (1) AMAZING PERCH is likely to get overbet in this spot. I’ll play to beat him.
Race 9 – (4) STRYKING DOVE is the most consistent one in here and she should get position early; top call. (8) HERESTOJESSICA is always in the hunt and she should be out and moving early here. She is a threat. (5) RETURN TO STYLE faces easier here but her 1 for 67 record in the past two years makes me want to use her underneath.
Race 10 – (1) BUCKEROO drawing the inside and getting the best driver should be tough to beat here. (2) FLUENTOCITY should fall into the choice’s pocket early and she has a great chance of completing the Exacta. (3) STYLE SNAPSHOT is another who will get a good spot early and she should re-emerge late to take a slice.


Garnet Barnsdale is a veteran handicapper, bettor and racing writer who has worked as an analyst for DRF Harness for the past five years. He is also the current President of the Canadian Chapter of the United States Harness Writers Association.


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