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Horse Ownership

Horse Ownership: A Thrill Like No Other

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"Being an owner is 10 times better than just going to the races.” -Georg Leber

Georg Leber

“When you allocate your entertainment dollars, once the event is over, it’s done with. Through fractional ownership, the experience isn’t over when the event ends. The value goes beyond the race." - Tom Rudland

The Rudlands

“It’s extremely easy to be part of this excitement. It’s very social and can be profitable if done correctly. The animal is truly special and this industry is such a thrill.” - Tony Michael Gattellaro

Tony Michael Gattellaro and fellow owners

Racehorse ownership. It’s an experience like no other, one that combines excitement, exhilaration, camaraderie, and the chance to experience the thrill of victory.

There are several options available to get involved as an owner. From sole ownership (owning 100 per cent of a racehorse), fractional and syndicate ownership (owning a percentage or shares of a racehorse with a group), leases and partnerships.

John Watkins photo

People who have attained any type of horse racing success through ownership often speak of the elation of seeing their horse cross the finish line first, whether it’s happens to be a big or small purse.

Mr. Will Wong photo

Here, you’ll find some of those stories, people who have discovered the adrenaline rush and enjoyment that horse ownership can deliver.

John Watkins photo

Photo gallery images provided by Mr. Will Wong and John Watkins.

The Robertsons: Living the Quarter Horse dream
When you walk into Bryn and Carol Robertson's farm home in Hillsburgh, Ontario it is quickly evident how special horses have been in their lives.
Austin Sorrie: In Pursuit of 160
What makes for a successful year in the mind of rising Standardbred star Austin Sorrie? When everything is twice as nice as the year before. Literally.
Tracking Down A Long-Lost Connection
Every time he watches the horses thunder over the track, John Evans is reminded of what was missing in his life and more importantly, what he was able to find again.

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Optimism and opportunity
“It almost didn’t happen, but I pursued it and had a good end to the year,” said Santino Di Paola...
Bermuda Blue Farm: “As a family, we just love the experience of horse racing”
Bermuda Blue Farm’s Dan and Heather Soares never anticipated – not even for a moment – that they...
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