Frequently Asked Offer Questions

Offer period: The $20 Betting Offer will available while quantities last from July 13, 2020 - October 31, 2020.
Promotion Details:
1. For a “Limited time” individuals who successfully register will receive a $20 betting card

How to participate


  1. Visit www.ontarioracing.com
  2. Select the “REDEEM NOW” button located in the top banner
  3. Fill in the necessary fields:
    a.    Enter first and last name
    b.    Enter your date of birth
    c.    Enter city of residency
    d.    Racetrack (for onsite redemptions only)
  4. Once your information is confirmed, the system will automatically generate your offer and send it in an email
  5. ONLINE REDEMPTION: Visit Ontarioracing.com/betnow, select your preferred betting platform (HPIbet.com or Dark Horse)
    a.    Following the registration steps
    b.    Enter in offer code
  6. ONSITE REDEMPTION: Bring the email to the predetermined area.  Please note, your offer is only valid during the predetermine time period at the selected racetrack 
    a.    A Racetrack representative will scan the offer (paper or on mobile device) and will issue you a $20 betting card.  Please reference your confirmation email to see blackout dates
    b.    Your betting card allows you to place wagers on the self-serve machines.  For more information on how to use the machine, please pick up a free Betting Guide or ask a staff member to assist you
  7. A minimum of $20 per betting card must be wagered before the balance (your winning wagers) can be redeemed for cash.
Where can I find details about the offer?
You can find all details about the $20 Betting Offer at https://www.ontarioracing.com/horse-racing-offer.
Who is eligible to participate?
Ontario residents 18 years of age or older are able to participate.  For Online Redemptions the participant must not have previously established an account on the HPIbet.com or Dark Horse. Visit https://www.ontarioracing.com/horse-racing-offer to register for the offer.

Ontario Racing, Racetrack employees and individuals involved in the horse racing industry are not eligible to participate.
How can I participate?
Go to  https://www.ontarioracing.com/horse-racing-offer  to register for the offer.  Fill in the mandatory fields (first name, last name, date of birth, city of residence and racetrack (on track redemptions only)).  Once information is successfully entered you will receive a confirmation email containing an offer code for the $20 offer. 
Why do you require my personal information (full name, date of birth and city of residence)?
Personal information is collected to validate that you meet the age requirement to participate in this offer.  Information will also be used to validate that only one offer is redeemed per person.
My spouse received the $20 Offer, if I register can I receive it also?
Yes, you can also register for the $20 Offer.
The system is not allowing me to register for the $20 Offer
Participants can only register once for the $20 Offer during the promotional period.  If you have previously registered, the system will not allow you to register again.
I did not receive my confirmation email, what should I do?
Please confirm that you are checking the correct email account.  If the offer is not in your inbox, please check your “Junk Folder”.
What betting platforms are available to redeem the $20 Betting Offer?
The $20 Betting Offer can be redeemed on HPIbet.com or the Dark Horse betting app.
When can I redeem the online code?
You can redeem the online code from July 13, 2020 to November 30, 2020. There is a limit of one redemption per member during the promotional period.
What will I receive when I redeem the online offer?
If you enroll as a new HPIbet or Dark Horse member, you will receive a $20.00 Betting Offer. The offer is only available to new HPIbet.com and Dark Horse accounts.
Is this $20 Betting Offer just for fun or can I actually win cash with this?
Any money won through wagering on the www.hpibet.com  or the Dark Horse app using the $20 Betting Offer can be converted into cash.  Please follow the redemption process outlined on www.hpibet.com or on the Dark Horse app to determine the best option to receive your winnings.  A minimum of $20 must be wagered before balance can be redeemed for cash.
How do I redeem the online code?
There is only one way to redeem the $20 Betting Offer.  Users will be required to visit and register for the offer on https://www.ontarioracing.com to obtain the online code.  User must visit https://www.hpibet.com or the Dark Horse app and enroll for a new account.  To sign-up for a HPIbet account or Dark Horse account you will be required to follow the steps outlined on the applicable site
My promo code does not work. There’s an error message. I entered the promo code but did not receive the offer.
Please reach out to technical support to have the offer uploaded to your account. 
Technical instructions: For support users can click the CHAT ONLINE button, or call 1-888-675-8886 (toll free) or via email at support@hpibet.com.   Support team will verify with the user that the code was entered correctly, and that the account in question is a new HPIbet.com or Dark Horse account and has not already redeemed the $20 Betting Offer.  If all the information is correct, and the code did not work the issue will be escalate to admin.
Do I need to deposit funds to enter this promotion?
No, you do not need to deposit funds.
How many times can I redeem the $20 Betting Offer?
Customers can only redeem the $20 Betting Offer once throughout the duration of the promotion.
My spouse received the $20 Betting Offer, if I register a HPIbet or Dark Horse account, can I receive it also?
Yes, if you register for a new HPIbet or Dark Horse account you’re eligible for the offer. 
I’m an existing HPIBet or Dark Horse account holder and I want this offer.
Unfortunately, this offer is only available for new HPIbet.com or Dark Horse accounts.  Please visit the HPIbet or Dark Horse promotional pages to see what exclusive offers/promotions have happening.
I registered for the offer but did not to redeem. Can I select another date?
 If you were unable to redeem your offer during the predetermined time period, you will not be able to register for another offer.
How many times can I receive the $20 Offer?
Customers can only redeem the $20 Offer once throughout the duration of the promotion.
Do I need to deposit funds to enter this promotion?
No, you do not need to deposit funds.