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Racing Profiles

Highlighting some of our industry’s best and most interesting people and horses.

Daryl Thiessen: Fifty Words, Two Minutes, and One Hope

Daryl Thiessen can’t wait for the moment. He doesn’t know when it will come, but when it does, he’ll be ready for it.

Cole Bennett: Thoroughbred racing’s jack-of-all-trades

“I break, I train, I own, I do everything. Everything that there is in racing - I’m doing it,” said trainer Cole Bennett, who continues to wear many hats in the racing industry.

Ontario Stallion Spotlights: Meet The Province's Standout Stars

A look at the province's outstanding stallion lineup, a group that includes some of the sport's most accomplished on-track and off-track stars.

The Hope Horses Bring

Emily Leak takes a few steps outside of the barn before she stops, turns around and then, just like she always has, heads back to the horses.

James Bogar: “I love running my horses”

James Bogar was missing the farm life. Born in Lindsay, ON, he grew up on a hobby farm owned by his parents but with adulthood came professional life, marriage and children.

Dallimore so delighted with first-time ownership she travelled to Australia to see her horse race

Karen Dallimore calls herself a horse “lifer,” but after some five decades of loving and working with horses, the Ontario-based writer and photographer is proud to call herself a first-time owner...

Tony Elliott: Horse Racing's 20-Year-Old Difference Maker

It’s about to get busy for the 20-year-old behind Twitter account @elliottracing99. Phone fully charged, program in hand, it’s almost post time.

The Robertsons: Living the Quarter Horse dream

When you walk into Bryn and Carol Robertson's farm home in Hillsburgh, Ontario it is quickly evident how special horses have been in their lives.

Austin Sorrie: In Pursuit of 160

What makes for a successful year in the mind of rising Standardbred star Austin Sorrie? When everything is twice as nice as the year before. Literally.

Tracking Down A Long-Lost Connection

Every time he watches the horses thunder over the track, John Evans is reminded of what was missing in his life and more importantly, what he was able to find again.