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Read Ontario Racing's Final Long-Term Funding Consultation Report

After extensive industry consultations, Ontario Racing is pleased to release the final Long-Term Funding Consultation Report. This report reflects the perspectives heard from industry stakeholders regarding a proposed long term funding framework for a sustainable future for horseracing in Ontario. This report also includes Ontario Racing’s recommendations for how the proposed funding framework can be modified and augmented, based on feedback from industry participants.

Ontario Racing conducted consultations over a period of five months, and provided opportunities for interested parties to offer their thoughts through a variety of channels and at several different points throughout the process. A draft version of this report was also released, to ensure that industry participants had ample opportunity to participate in the consultation process.

Recommendations made by Ontario Racing reflect and evolved from key issues raised by consultation participants. These recommendations will be used to inform negotiations for a final long term funding agreement.

Ontario Racing thanks those who have participated in these consultations, and appreciates the support of the provincial government and OLG as we work to deliver a sustainable path forward for the industry.

Key facts:

  • Over 800 horseracing industry participants engaged in Ontario Racing’s consultations including all major horse person organizations and racetracks.
  • Ontario Racing offered opportunities to engage in seven in-person sessions, conducted across the province, facilitated two webinars, two leadership sessions and provided on-going opportunities for written and online feedback.

A long-term funding agreement will provide the horseracing industry in Ontario with the certainty they need to invest in their businesses.

Read more here:
Report on Horse Industry Consultations (March 17)

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