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Q1 OAHN Equine network owner report

Have you ever wondered about the importance of vitamin E to your horse or ways in which your vet diagnoses skin disease? These are topics in this edition of the Ontario Animal Health Network Equine...

Quarter Horse

Maturity Trials, Final Re-Scheduled

The Quarter Racing Owners of Ontario have re-scheduled upcoming big stakes races and trials

OSS Racing Guides

The 2017 Ontario Sires Stakes Racing Guides were mailed last week to the first owner of all horses sustained to the OSS for the upcoming season.

Equine Guelph: Reduce Your Risk of Spring Colic

Equine Guelph is the horse owners' and care givers' Centre at the University of Guelph.

Two New Ontario Racing Director Positions Open to Interested Individuals

Ontario Racing (OR) is pleased to extend an invitation to interested individuals in the horse racing sector to submit expressions of Interest in joining OR's Board of Directors.

Quarter Horse

Feature: Quarter Horse Post Racing Incentive Program Expands

Ontario Racing has announced an expanded Post Racing Incentive Program for 2017 as part of its Quarter Horse Racing Industry Development Program, great news for retired racing Quarter Horses at...

Feature: No fear, nowhere else Gary Boulanger would rather be

“I don’t take anything for granted. I enjoy what I do immensely."

Read Ontario Racing's Final Long-Term Funding Consultation Report

This final report reflects the totality of Ontario Racing’s approach to seeking industry feedback and a comprehensive summary of what was heard.

Quarter Horse

Worth the Weight; Jockey Ed Walton Talks New Rule

Maximum Quarter Horse jockey weight increased

Ryan Kerbel: An ownership life soaring to new heights

“In horse racing, you always have a shot. That’s the beauty of this game. Even-money favourite or longshot, you have a chance. I never forget that.”