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The Horse That Changed My Life | Laura Meneghetti and Red

“The horse that changed my life would have to be my big man, Red. Although we have been together as a pair for a short time, he has quickly made me realize he is one horse I won't ever let get away. I met him in 2014 when I first started working at the racetrack and got introduced to Rob Love's pony outfit. I didn't think much of Red until I got to start riding and ponying off of him at the start of 2016. He became my favourite and when it was time for him to retire from his ponying career, I was lucky enough to take him home. Although he is pretty stubborn and can be quite the hammerhead at times, I can't imagine life without him. He is definitely my horse for life. Red's really made me realize how much I love ponying and working with the track ponies, even more so now that he has moved onto his next career (as a pet!).

Photo by Mr. Will Wong. 

My fondest memories of Red have to be just the time we spend together riding around the farm and having a good time with our friends. He is such an easy-going horse that I feel like I can ask him to do anything, whether it be hacking down the road or going over some jumps. He's given me more of an appreciation of just enjoying barn time with good company, and I look forward to making some new big memories with him.

Photo by Laura Meneghetti.

When I think of Red, I think of how big his personality is. He's a big, stubborn and silly guy who always finds some way to cause problems, whether it’s pulling his blankets off his stall when given the opportunity or getting into anything he knows he shouldn't. He's super food motivated, always searching anyone for some treats and never has a problem cleaning any feed bucket put in front of him. He's tried some interesting human foods, eating anything that’s been left too close to him. I haven't seen him turn down a snack of any kind. He particularly loves getting into haynets hanging in the barn aisle that don't belong to him, and dragging me to any patch of grass he can find.”
By Laura Meneghetti, for Ontario Racing

Photo of Laura in pink shirt courtesy of Kaitlyn Gerono. 

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