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What is 'Ontario Racing'?

Three Breeds.
One vision

What is 'Ontario Racing'?

Ontario Racing (OR) is a newly-created horse racing industry association, and was established to assume many of the functions of the Ontario Horse Racing division of the former Ontario Racing Commission.

Ontario Racing is responsible for directing breed improvement programs, setting an annual program of races and purses, attracting new horse owners, building a fan base and connecting the industry with government and the general public.

OR serves as the voice of the horse racing industry and works closely with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) towards the integration of horse racing into OLG’s gaming strategy.

OR also serves as the Program Administrator for the Standardbred (SIP) and Thoroughbred (TIP) Horse Improvement Programs components of Ontario’s Horse Improvement Program (HIP) as well as the Quarter Horse Racing Industry Development Program (QHRIDP).

For more information, contact:
400 - 10 Carlson Court
Toronto On M9W 6L2
(416) 213-1800